Hello and welcome to our free photo manipulation service - Foteczka.net! Now you don't have to own a Photoshop to prepare super cool photo effects! We have prepared many effects to choose frome and we'll keep adding new ones too!

Our site is 100% free to use and super simple. No hidden costs, no software to download, pure fun! All effects are generated in 3 simple steps (please see instructions below). Our homepage is step one - head there to choose an effect you'll begin with. Cheers!

Instruction how to use Foteczka.net

STEP 1: Choose free photo effect, which you want to use to process your picture.

STEP 2: Click a button tu upload your picture and choose file from your hard drive. File will load automatically which may take a while so be patient. It has to be JPG, JPEG or PNG file which is no larger thant 3 megabytes. If you want to use larger file please contact us directly via our contact form!

STEP 3: Now choose which part of the photo should we process. You can choose whole picture or just part of it - it's super simple, just click and drag. Please keep in mind that larger area usually means better overall quality. Once you've finished just click OK.

STEP 4: ALL DONE! Your effect is ready and should be visible on screen! Your will find buttons below - you can use them to either save the file, copy it's URL address or share your picture on Facebook!

If you have any questions or problems please have a look at FAQ or contact us directly via provided contact form. Thanks!

Please note that our site is 100% free, there are absolutely no hidden costs. Also, you can use our photo effects wherever you like! You don't need to install any software, there is no need to register, etc. We are not using uploaded pictures, however they may be stored on our servers for some time before we delete them. Enjoy!