This is our official FAQ section, that is "Frequently Asked Questions". If you have any questions regarding our site just send them in using our contact form and we will respond either only via email or we will also put the response here if it appears to be a frequent question.

QUESTION: Someone used my photo without my permission, how can I remove it from your servers?
OUR ANSWER: Just let us know via contact form and we will be glad to help. All you need to know is the URL address to the picture. We are sorry to inform that we can only remove pictures from our site, so that URL address must have "" as a part of it, if it is pointing to some other site we will not be able to help.

QUESTION: How much does it cost? Are there any hidden costs? Do I have to install or download anything?
OUR ANSWER: It is (and will remain forever) 100% free! You don not have to install or download anything.

QUESTION: What happens with my picture after I apply an effect to it?
OUR ANSWER: It is uploaded to our servers so that we can process it and link is generated. It is a personal link with extra numbers so that nobody can guess it - we show this link only to you. Link will be valid for at least 2 months, then we may permanently remove it from our servers, so if you want to keep the picture just save it to your disk!

QUESTION: Can anybody access my pictures or effects?
OUR ANSWER: Only people that know your link, that is everybody who got this link from you, no other people will be able to access it.